Project Based Assistance for CV Solid

Project based assistance is training on the next level. It provides training and immediate setup help for the specific task at hand, the result you need now with your technology. Whether it is something basic like targeted training for the way you use CV Solid or something more ambitious like training and setup assistance for creating and distributing your CV catalog to a regional network of showrooms, we can help you get it done.

One common example where project based assistance is often more helpful than standard training is when you need to upgrade. Solid 8 has been a milestone version in the history of  the CV Solid software product but with version 9 waiting in the wings it is time to do some spring cleaning in the old version and get up to speed on how the new version will be different. We can help you be ready with just the right combination of training and setup assistance before an upgrade to a new version.

Planit Industry Partner

Greg Williams, founder and partner at 1Goal, Inc. has been working with the Solid design and manufacturing software by CabinetVision since 1997 when the first version CV Solid 1.0 was released.  Over that period of time our organization has established an excellent working relationship with the management and staff at Planit Solutions as well as most of their software and machinery partners in the industry.  In addition to being involved directly with projects to help Planit Solutions develop their award winning products and services, we have worked independently with hundreds of their customers to help them get the software up and running at their shop.  We are proud to be recognized as a Planit Industry Partner.