Electronic Litigation Assistance

Professional technology services for attorneys who need assistance with discovery requests and compliance that involve computers and other electronic devices. The associates at 1Goal.net offer a practical alternative to the high cost of forensic IT or large CPA firms for the most common services that are required for discovery processes.

Discovery compliance assistance

The need for search and analysis of computer systems, files, documents, metadata, storage systems and personal electronic devices has become common in many types of litigation. We provide these services and report the results in structured documentation that includes an explanation of the process and a summary of relevant information that may have been discovered.

Certification of discovery compliance

We understand the requirements for certification of discovery compliance. We can provide an expert opinion regarding the method, scope and results of discovery processes based on more than 30 years combined experience working with computer based systems and data.

Discovery request assistance

Subject analysis and recommendations for structuring discovery requests with regard to the terminology, scope and specification of data types. We also provide consulting services for preparations and countermeasures to protect irrelevant data if your client will be the subject of a request for discovery concerning computer systems and files.

Testimony and client support services

We can provide a capable and articulate professional to testify in depositions, hearings or other case related meetings and events. We can also work on site with you and your client to observe, provide support and help to insure compliance when others have been retained by opposing counsel to perform electronic discovery or forensic computer system analysis at the client’s home or place of business.

Rates and fees for expert testimony or on site services by quote on a per project basis.  To find out more or retain our services please call 513-436-4044 or contact us using the form on our contact page.