Training for older versions of CV Solid

CV 2012 for Custom Shops CD Training Program

Custom training for users of CV Solid 2012 R1 and R2.  All information is geared to benefit custom shops and small market job shops.  Check out the free preview below:

This comprehensive interactive training program covers the following:

  • Strategies based on real world setups and practices for CV Solid.
  • Fundamental concepts of how CV Solid works in plain everyday terms.
  • Proven methods for setting up CV Solid to do custom work.
  • How to setup catalogs, components and library parts for custom work.
  • Working with moldings and countertops for drawings and shop documents.
  • Best practices for laying out product designs and jobs.
  • 5 Key rules for using CV Solid to improve speed and reduce errors.
  • Understanding UCS’s – when and how to use them correctly.
  • Smart parts – basics about the relate to part wizard and parameters.
  • Creating and producing drawings – tips and tricks for custom shops.
  • Setting up your business paperwork for sales and production in CV Solid.
  • Getting the most out of your software support and training options.
  • Most information applies to both CV Solid 2011 and CV Solid 2012 versions.
  • All information based on actual strategies and practices used by real shops.
  • Designed to supplement and enhance user training available from Planit.
  • New improved format with more images, examples and graphics.
  • Free support via email and webinar formats.

You may purchase this new training program online now using PayPal by clicking the button below for $99.00 USD plus shipping and handling of $5.95.

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