Rates, Fees and Terms for Services

2017 – Rates and Fees for Services – Terms and Conditions

On-Site Consulting, Integration and Training Services

Hourly Rate – 150.00 per hour/1000.00 per day maximum. Hourly rates are billed for actual time on-site working. On-site services are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays only. Minimum 14 hours/2 days billing required to schedule an onsite service, time is billed in 1/2 hour increments rounded to the nearest hour.

On-Line or In-House Consulting, ELA and Training Services

Hourly Rate – 125.00 per hour. Rate applies only to actual time spent online or on the phone with the client and actual in-house production hours. Incidental in-house work performed in support of the online services is included at no extra cost. Discounts are available on blocks of 4 or more hours of online services. Minimum 2 – hour billing required to schedule an online service, time is billed in 1/2 hour increments rounded to the nearest hour.

CV In-House Software Setup and Development Services

Hourly Rate – 125.00 per hour. Applies to CV custom catalog creation, custom UCS development, development of custom product designs and general setup and development of CV Solid.

Custom Programming and Development Services

Hourly Rate – 170.00 per hour. Applies to custom reports (Crystal Reports, List and label, CV), custom database programming, third-party software links and custom software programs.

Travel Related Expenses and Policy

Rates and fees by quote on a per project basis

Fees for travel related expenses may include mileage based fees for driving, airfare costs, rental car costs, taxi fare, hotel rooms, related insurance, surcharges and taxes. Travel requiring more than four hours in route is subject to fees of 25.00 hourly/ maximum 150.00 per day for travel time. 1Goal Technology Solutions does not charge customers for expenses related to meals, entertainment, personal supplies or incidentals.

1Goal Technology Solutions staff makes all reservations and arrangements for travel.

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise specified and stated clearly in a separate agreement, all work performed by 1Goal or any authorized person on behalf of 1Goal, DBA 1Goal technology Solutions, is subject to the consulting agreement which may be viewed by clicking this link. Custom reports and programming for third-party software (including CV Solid) are not guaranteed to work properly in any other version or build of the software than the specific version or build of the software for which the report was designed. Filtering or batching of job/file data in the third-party software is not guaranteed to work unless specified in the report proposal. 1Goal conveys a non-exclusive right to use all programming and custom reports to the customer; 1Goal reserves the right to use and reuse any and all work and programming within the provisions of the aforementioned of the consulting agreement. Other terms and conditions, as specified in individual proposals, work orders, customer contracts, and invoices may apply. Fees for all products and services are due and payable upon acceptance of the proposal or work order for the project.

Business Hours

Office Hours: Mon-Fri @ 9AM-6PM EST/EDT

On-Site Working hours: Tue-Thu @ 8AM-5PM Local Time Zone